BSP Rewards' Co-Branded Partner Program

Reward Your Customers, Strengthen Your Brand!

BSP Rewards supports more than 1,500 corporate and non-profit co-branded Partner Programs in over 60 countries, with customers in 100 countries around the world. Our Partner Programs serve all market sectors and industries from financial institutions to telecommunications, sports teams to philanthropic organizations. Your company or organization can seamlessly integrate our e-commerce solution into your marketing platform without disruption to core business operations.

The BSP Rewards Partner Program is your gateway to the prestigious, consumer-centric Shopping Portal that provides participating organizations a professional, reliable co-branded web presence. The BSP Partner Program makes it easy for companies and organizations to offer their customers, fans, donors, vendors and employees terrific Cash Back, discounts and coupon savings benefits on qualifying purchases while they share in the revenue driven by those customer purchases.

BSP Rewards creates new funding avenues for non-profit organizations, remaining consistent with their brand and image and complementing the organization’s existing fundraising efforts. Donors appreciate that the non-profits they support are putting money “back into their pocket”.

Cash Back Rewards

Your customers can earn Cash Back rewards with every purchase by buying what they already buy online... and now they do it through you.

Discounts, Coupons and Special Deals!

Most online buying sites only offer one form of customer reward but we offer it all!

Build Your Brand

Your BSP Rewards website is designed to deliver a personalized shopping experience that is customized to each of your customers.

In addition to getting great prices, your customers will receive Cash Back on every purchase and even more benefits with a VIP Lounge membership.

And if being the ultimate destination for your customers’ online shopping isn’t enough, your BSP Rewards site also has its very own Travel Portal, complete with special promotions and Cash Back. Your customers get paid to travel - they get Cash Back every time they book hotel stays, vacation packages, rental cars and more.

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Build Your Brand

Program Highlights

The Features

Membership Levels

Basic Membership Level provides valuable Cash Back savings on purchases at all of your customers’ favorite stores and is free to join. Members earn Cash Back, coupons, discounts and deals (stackable savings) as they shop online.

Premier Membership gives the customer up to DOUBLE the Cash Back savings that it would normally earn at the Basic Membership Level. Each new member gets to experience Premier Membership benefits for 90 days. Customers then extend their Premier benefits through “gamification”- the easy and fun way to continue to earn up to DOUBLE Cash Back on all qualified purchases. Simply shop, share or engage with the community and earn “boost” points that extends Premier membership status.

The exclusive VIP Lounge provides access to our highest Cash Back earnings plus incredibly valuable specials, discounts, coupons and deals from the best online stores around the globe. On top of these incredible savings, the VIP Lounge offers deep discounts with online and printable coupons for dining, shopping, travel and entertainment. This exclusive membership is available to all of your customers for only $99.

Shopping Portal

  • Your BSP-provided, state-of-the-art Shopping Portal ensures the ultimate consumer shopping experience
  • Search thousands of name brand online stores from around the world with millions of products and services or search by category
  • Cash Back percentages are clearly shown so customers know exactly what they will earn. Once received, Cash Back can be transferred to a debit card, bank account or even PayPal

Travel Portal

  • Customers get paid to travel, earning Cash Back with every purchase
  • Customers can access more than 100,000 promotional rates on flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, theme parks and vacation packages, every year!
  • We partner with the most reliable names in online travel such as Priceline, Orbitz, eBookings and Expedia to ensure world-class service

VIP Lounge

  • For just $99, customers can join one of the best deals on the Internet, immediately earning our highest Cash Back offered on their shopping and travel purchases, and getting their Cash Back monthly!
  • Our VIP Lounge provides VIP shoppers an exclusive collection of coupons, deals, special offers and increased Cash Back shopping opportunities, including deep discounts with online and printable coupons for dining, shopping, travel and entertainment
  • VIP members can access special value-added travel benefits such as airport lounge discounts, hard to find tickets to international sporting events, concierge services and more

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Grow Your Brand

Benefit from the Global Economy – BSP provides you with a real way to benefit from global online consumer spending. By partnering with BSP, your customers receive terrific Cash Back and savings on qualifying purchases at thousands of the most popular merchants, representing millions of products, on your own online Shopping site. When your customers shop, they generate money for you . . . an outstanding 30% revenue share on commissionable products. It’s that simple…no surprises everybody benefits!

Not only do we provide the best Cash Back, coupons, discounts and savings, we also focus on an exceptional customer experience. Customers will be provided with interesting, educational and always entertaining messaging customized to their specific online interests. A satisfied customer refers other customers and we encourage that behavior! When your existing customers refer your site, your brand goes viral - and now you are really benefiting from the global economy!

By providing your customers with an additional reason to visit your own website, you build further engagement and attraction to your own products and services. Your BSP e-commerce site is an extension of your brand and builds your own brand’s loyalty by giving your customers a valuable reason to return to your website over and over again.

Our multi-channel e-commerce platform introduces two new exciting tools: SaveMate® Browser Extension – Your customers never have to worry about receiving their Cash Back if they forget to shop directly through your portal and you never have to worry about lost commissions. SaveMate® is a simple tool that guarantees that when Cash Back is available from a merchant, you and your customers will get it! Mobile App – The Mobile App brings Cash Back offers, deals and coupons to your fingertips. The App provides a two-click purchase path that allows customers to easily and conveniently shop through their smartphone or tablet and save money at all of their favorite online stores.

A Full Suite of Loyalty Rewards

Your BSP Rewards website provides a full suite of loyalty and rewards features tailored to meet your customers’ needs. You can remain completely focused on your primary business while 24/7, we work on meeting and exceeding the ever-changing demands and expectations of your customers with the latest online features.

  • A state-of-the-art online Shopping website with your own brand identity featuring thousands of well-known brands and millions of products and services. Customers save and get paid with every purchase, and receive discounts and coupons.
  • Travel is the most rapidly growing segment in online purchasing and with your own co-branded Travel Portal; you are positioned to capture this global market.
  • Messages to your customers will be fun, informative, practical and customized to their individual profile, which they can modify to suit their interests. They are designed to heighten buying awareness and interest without appearing aggressive.
  • Customers can join for Free or they can join the VIP Lounge that provides even greater value and access to specials not to be found anywhere else.
  • Happy customers refer family and friends and we will reward them for this. When this happens, your online business goes global and your brand and revenue go viral!

A Simple Process to Become a Partner

BSP Rewards has an easy process for becoming a Partner.

  1. Sign Up Below
  2. An Account Manager will contact you to discuss the Profile and Set Up procedure (which is incredibly simple) outlined below.
  3. Complete the Profile - This step requires the Partner to input basic company information.
  4. Setup - For this step, the Partner provides its company logo and any additional information that helps our graphic designers create the best possible image for your Partner site.
  5. Status – The Account Manager will notify you when your website is complete and ready for activation

About Us

BSP Rewards

BSP Rewards is a Partner Program powered by Ominto, Inc. (OTC.PK: OMNT), a leader in global online Cash Back shopping. Ominto, Inc. is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Its personalized shopping platform is used to deliver coupons, deals and Cash Back to shoppers each time they shop online. Through Ominto, BSP Rewards is able to provide those same services to its global network of Partners.

Together we provide a value-based shopping model that serves customers on an individualized basis by addressing and exceeding their purchasing expectations. BSP Rewards is grounded in that same innovative technology and has acquired an expertise in understanding and capitalizing on global economic and corporate trends. As such, we engage global Partners who have the same vision and seek to monetize its customer databases accordingly. As Partners, these organizations share in earned revenues resulting from its customers’ online purchases as well as benefit from the extension of both its primary brand and BSP-provided e-commerce co-brand.

We seek to develop the most creative, innovative, useful and profitable online Partner economies through continued innovation and most importantly, through Partner satisfaction.

Get in touch with us

Alex Petrilak

Executive Vice President, Global Partner Programs
Contact For: North America, South America, and Europe

Bicky Carlra

Executive Vice President, Business Strategy
Contact For: Mediterranean, MENA and Asia-Pacific

BSP’s Partner Program Management Team is geographically assigned to specific areas of the world. For existing Partners, please contact us with your questions by clicking the button below. The appropriate management team member will respond within three business days.

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